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Govt blocks beachgoers from old Gaming Board parking lot

The government has blocked beach goers and joggers on Goodman’s Bay from parking in the lot of the old Gaming Board and Bahamas Development Bank, in what has been viewed as a mean and vindictive move.

The deserted parking lot on West Bay Street was used as additional parking by those who frequent the beach as the Goodman’s Bay Western lot is usually filled by jet ski operators and the Eastern lot is overrun with the cars of workers on the nearby Ginn development.

However, when joggers and beach goers showed up on Monday morning, they met the parking lot chained off, forcing them to search for parking space elsewhere.

They questioned why the government would block off the parking lot when there is insufficient parking at the beach.

The lot now sits empty when it can be used as extra parking by Bahamians who show up every morning to stay fit during the pandemic.

As government land, the parking lot is owned by the people of The Bahamas. Some joggers opined on Monday that the decision to block the lot speaks volumes of how the country’s leaders view their people.

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) moved to a new location on Robinson Road and Key West Street in March.

The Gaming Board relocated to new offices at Centreville House years ago following concerns over the state of the building.

In 2013, the ceiling and floor of one section of the building on West Bay Street collapsed.

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