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Gibson used taxpayers money to buy $500,000 house

Months before the 2021 General Election, then-Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson bought a half a million-dollar house with money he illegally obtained from WSC contracts, according to police investigating his corruption case.

The Long Island MP made the lavish purchase on January 26, 2021.

The 2,888 square foot single family residence sits on a 18,000 square foot property, inclusive of an additional 7,000 square foot lot on Shirley Park Avenue off Shirley Street.

The home and property, valued at $525,000, were obtained from Coldwell Banker/Lighthourne Realty.

According to documents obtained by investigators, the six figures needed to make such a lofty purchase came from Elite Maintenance Incorporated Limited’s bank account.

As has been widely reported, Elite Maintenance - which listed Gibson’s fiancée Alexandria Mackey and cousin Rashae Gibson as directors - received lucrative contracts from WSC to carry out work it was not qualified to perform just months after the company was formed.

With his newfound wealth, Gibson decided to further expand his property portfolio a few months later.

According to police, he dipped into the bank accounts of Elite Maintenance once again in addition to the bank account of Baha Maintenance and Restoration on July 30, 2021 to purchase two parcels of land - Lot #8 and Lot #9 Block 2 - on Warren Street and Farrington Road.

The neighboring properties, valued at $215,000, were obtained from Easy Terms Limited.

The FNM MP also went on a property-buying spree in his constituency of Long Island, purchasing a 33,000 square foot parcel of land valued at $15,000 in Deadman’s Cay in December 2019, an acre of land valued at $15,000 in Grays, Long Island in April 2020 and a $150,000 property in “Bunches” Long Island in October 2020.

Gibson, who spent a night in prison after he failed to post his $150,000 bail, faces 56 counts of money laundering, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery, receiving and failure to declare.

Prosecutors allege he earned $1.2 million from the award of WSC contracts during his checkered tenure as executive chairman despite failing to declare an interest in the massive contracts.

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