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Former Parks and Beaches Board secretary made millions

The former secretary to the board of directors of the Bahamas Public Parks and Beaches Authority allegedly made millions of dollars during Shannendon Cartwright’s tenure as chairman between 2017 and 2021.

The board was scheduled to meet once a month. However, Board Secretary Marisol Morley reported to the office of the chairman daily.

A well-placed source at the authority stated “it was as if she was full-time staff”.

Morley used her time in the chairman’s office to dictate to staff who should receive contracts, which she allegedly benefited from.

Her instructions had to be carried out as it was apparent to staff that contractors had personal relationships with Morley.

Many of these contractors were said to be her colleagues from the straw market.

Staff members quickly realized that Cartwright would not object to Morley’s dominance in the office as his personal list of friends, family and lovers was also being satisfied.

The details will be revealed when a forensic audit of the authority is completed.

In November, Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said in the House of Assembly that spending at the Public Parks and Beaches Authority skyrocketed by nearly 150 percent.

In the 2021/22 fiscal year, it had an approved budget of $15.2 million. After contingencies, its total budget was around $28 million, an increase of 86 percent against budget.

“Because of new contracts issued in the months of July, August and September of this year, the projected expenditure of the Authority for this fiscal year is $37 million. That’s an increase of almost 150 percent against the budgeted amount and in dollars, it’s an increase of 22 million dollars,” Davis said.

“The member for St. Barnabas will undoubtedly have a lot of explaining to do,” he added.

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