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Foreigners hold maskless party in Chub Cay

While police have put Bahamians on notice that social gatherings will be shut down, the foreign owner of the Chub Cay resort was allowed to host a super spreader tournament and an after-party where dozens of guests were seen partying without face masks.

The emergency order requires all persons to wear face masks in public. However, that was not the case at a bar in Chub Cay on Saturday night.

The party, hosted by 83-year-old Texas billionaire George Bishop, was so packed that guests started to spill outside.

Not one person had on a mask and there was no social distancing as guests mixed and mingled.

This isn’t the first party Bishop has held on the island during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since completing the multi-million dollar purchase of a resort development in the Berry Islands, residents say Bishop operates above the law, refuses to follow safety protocols when visiting the island and doesn’t wear masks. According to locals, Bishop doesn’t even take the mandatory covid tests before traveling to the island and he allows his guests to get away without taking tests as well.

Over the weekend, he invited Republican friends down for a visit and they too have failed to adhere to protocols, putting law-abiding Bahamians’ health at risk.

In March, Texas lifted its mask mandate. However, locals have pointed out that Bishop’s Texan guests should follow the law while in The Bahamas which includes the mandatory wearing of masks.

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