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FNM plotting political arrests

The Free National Movement’s police goon squad plans to arrest top Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) generals to prevent them from campaigning ahead of the upcoming election.

The Minnis-led government has shown throughout its uninspiring term in office that it is against democracy.

After more than a year of ruling by decree through emergency powers orders, the FNM government continues to try to silence critics.

Last year, police arrested Wellington Roberts for voicing the sentiment of the entire country when he shouted “Minnis gotta go.”

Roberts was part of a protest by Atlantis workers who were upset that redundancy benefits had been reduced during the state of the emergency.

Former FNM supporter turned PLP general Garvin “G Money” Dawkins is being prosecuted for saying he would drop a political bombshell on Bain Town MP Travis Robinson.

Dawkins is now being persecuted after withdrawing his support for the arrogant MP.

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