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FNM losing credibility over Gibson case

In the face of irrefutable evidence that Long Island MP Adrian Gibson benefited financially from the award of Water and Sewerage Corporation contracts, critics believe that Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard has failed at his first test as leader by publicly stating that the party stands in solidarity with Gibson.

The FNM, which often sought to paint the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) as corrupt, has taken a serious credibility hit now that one of its senior members is facing 56 counts of corruption.

Even as leaked documents detailed how Gibson orchestrated the award of WSC contracts to companies owned by his then-fiancée, cousin and campaign general, FNM leaders turned a blind eye to the growing controversy and hoped the public would soon forget.

Behind closed doors, Pintard is fighting hard to minimize further damage to the political party’s bruised brand. Certain party members want him to force Gibson’s resignation to demonstrate the FNM is against corruption.

However, by supporting Gibson publicly, Pintard has shown he supports corruption as insiders claim the shocking details of Gibson’s actions during his time as WSC executive chairman will soon come to light.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as Pintard resigned as FNM Chairman and senator in 2016 over his involvement in the “Toggie and Bobo” scheme.

The former poet was mired in controversy after he was named in a lawsuit filed against Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard and his lawyer Keod Smith by Save The Bays (STB) officials Joe Darville, Romauld Ferreira, Fred Smith, Louis Bacon and Reverend C.B. Moss.

The lawsuit alleged that Nygard engaged in a murder-for-hire scheme with “Toggie” and “Bobo”. It was revealed that the men were tracked down with the help of Pintard.

The infamous duo claimed they were paid for false testimony and that Pintard negotiated their pay.

At the time, two audio recordings were circulated on social media of meetings between Pintard and the two men.

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