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FNM campaign coordinator’s brother appointed presiding officer

The presiding officer for the advance poll in Pinewood where ballot boxes were not sealed is the brother of the Free National Movement’s campaign coordinator Nigel Lewis.

No wonder Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis declared on the rally stage on Friday night that he has been assured the FNM won the advance poll.

When candidates from the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and Coalition of Independents (COI) discovered that the boxes were not sealed before being loaded onto a bus to be transferred, they confronted Lewis who said he was instructed not to seal them. After they put Lewis on blast on social media he was seen on the phone taking instructions from someone before finally agreeing to seal them.

It is no coincidence that this unscrupulous practice was uncovered at a polling station overseen by the brother of the FNM’s campaign coordinator.

A similar stunt was reported at another polling station where staunch Free National Movement supporter and retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Ismella Davis was the presiding officer. While other senior police officers were forced to take vacation leave before retiring, Davis was promoted then paid for her vacation time before retiring. She was then appointed to a position in the Ministry of National Security.

Was she appointed a presiding officer in the advance poll to do the government’s bidding?

This practice is unprecedented and certainly unorthodox.  It is clear that unscrupulous behavior was afoot and had it not been for the observant poll workers the election process would have been compromised.

Further information coming into The Gallery is that a team out of Jamaica that worked with the reigning political party is alleged to have engaged in tactics to steal the 2020 Jamaica election.  Reports are that they are presently on the ground in the Bahamas working to do the same for the Free National Movement.

Investigations into these allegations have been launched.  The similarities in activities that occurred in Jamaica’s elections are astounding and cause for concern.

Countless large contracts are being signed leading up to the general election on September 16th while hundreds of FNM supporters are being hired in the public service.

Large boxes of contracts are being processed at the Public Parks & Public Beaches Authority under Shannendon Cartwright.  

This cash cow government entity has been the medium by which the taxpayers’ money has been funneled.

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