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Fired DRA boss Kay Forbes suing govt for $408,000

Two months after she was dismissed from her cushy position as Managing Director of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA), Kay Forbes-Smith initiated legal action to sue the Davis Administration for $408, 333.16.

Forbes-Smith, a diehard Free National Movement member, is seeking damages for breach of contract.

In December 2019, Then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis appointed Forbes-Smith as DRA chief with an annual salary of $110,000.

Under the four-year fixed-term contract, Forbes-Smith also received a $30,000 housing allowance each year, an annual duty allowance of $15,000, a monthly fuel allowance of $250 and 15% gratuity.

According to a writ of summons filed by Callender and Co., the agreement signed under the FNM government allowed her to give six months notice if she intended to terminate her contract but “the contract makes no provision for the DRA to terminate the contract before the termination date” of November 30, 2023.

According to the document, the Office of the Prime Minister wrote Forbes-Smith on September 29, 2021 to inform her that her lucrative contract had been terminated.

Her lawyers argue that, “the DRA has wrongfully terminated the contract 26 months before the expiration date. In doing so, it has acted in breach of the contract.”

The former Senate President is requesting “a contractual sum for termination of her employment in breach of her contract in an amount equal to her salary and benefits for the unexpired period of the contract.”

Forbes-Smith wants $238,333.16 to make up for the 26 months salary she lost, $65,000 for the missed housing allowance, $32,000 for the missed duty allowance and $6,500 to compensate for the fuel allowance she would’ve received over the 26-month period.

Forbes-Smith was the President of the Senate when she was appointed to the high-paying post. However, she eventually resigned as Senate President amid pressure to relinquish one of her government-appointed roles.

Forbes-Smith has campaigned for the Free National Movement and arranged political rally schedules for the party ahead of several General Elections.

During her time as DRA Managing Director, Hurricane Dorian survivors on Abaco and Grand Bahama complained of receiving little to no assistance from the Minnis-led government.

Two years after the monster storm killed hundreds of residents, many survivors are still living in trailers and domes and bodies remain unaccounted for.

Residents claim they would still be homeless and hungry had it not been for the assistance of local and international charitable organizations.

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1 Comment

David S
David S
Feb 07, 2022

The government should sue her for failure to perform her duties.

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