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Facebook stalker gets probation

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A man who stalked a woman on social media has been placed on probation.

Gerad Bethel, 28, admitted to repeatedly contacting Tabitha Armbrister through Facebook messenger and Instagram.

According to the prosecution, Bethel saw Armbrister at work in June. After the first sighting, Bethel started showing up on her job, making her uncomfortable.

Armbrister insisted that he leave her alone. Bethel promised that he would.

But, he created a fake Facebook profile and started sending Armbrister unwanted love messages.

Armbrister told police that she doesn’t know Bethel and has no desire to get to know him.

But, in court Bethel claimed that she’d led him on.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes placed Bethel on probation for six months.

Bethel is banned from contacting Armbrister. If he does, he’ll be jailed for three months.

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