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Early election speculation as Minnis lied about fixed date

During the 2017 general election campaign, Dr Hubert Minnis made bold promises of a fixed election date and term limits for prime minister.

Today, marks the fourth anniversary of the FNM’s election—and Minnis has failed to fulfill either campaign pledge.

Confronted by the press about his campaign lies, Minnis arrogantly replied, “I have one more term.

“Election is due by May of next year.

“Whenever election is called, and I have no doubt we win, and roll into my last and final term.

“I will legislate it as quickly as possible. However, I most certainly would adhere to what has been said.”

Minnis has continued to deny speculation that he will call an early election, although his government continues to ratify candidates and campaign.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is also preparing for an early election, as revealed by a leaked internal memo.

Still, in a bid to catch the electorate off-guard, the FNM continues to deny that the general election will be held soon.

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