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DPM brother awarded $170,000 in school contracts

Works Minister Desmond Bannister’s younger brother Sean Smith was awarded a $170,000 contract from the Ministry of Works for summer school repairs in 2019, according to leaked documents from the Ministry of Works.

Smith, who has the same mother as Bannister, heads S and S Painting and Maintenance, which agreed to carry out construction and maintenance works at CC Sweeting Senior High School in June 2019.

The company requested a 50 percent mobilization payment of $85,265.95 for the six-week project in a letter addressed to Director of Public Works Melanie Roach.

While local contractors are begging for opportunities, Bannister’s brother used his familial ties to secure the six-figure contract despite working as a Florida-based pilot for Southwest Airlines.

Bannister, who spoke out against corruption and misfeasance during his first few months in office has now gone quiet on the corruption rhetoric amid allegations of wrongdoing and conflicts of interest in his own ministry and the Water and Sewerage Corporation where Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson awarded fat contracts to his then fiancée, his first cousin and his campaign general in Long Island.

During an event in Long Island today, Gibson accused his political rivals of doctoring documents to discredit him. However, he has yet to deny the nature of his relationship with Alexandria Mackey who he claimed as his fiancée in a police report he filed in October 2020.

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