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Defeated cabinet ministers angry with Minnis over early election

Former members of the Minnis Cabinet and rejected Free National Movement members of parliament are angry with Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis for calling an early election and putting them out of jobs nine months before the end of their term in office.

Former ministers, MPs and board appointees feel they were denied nine months of big salaries, all-expense paid trips around the world and other perks.

Several prominent FNMs, who were jobless before the FNM’s landslide victory in 2017, are unemployed once again and facing financial problems.

Minnis, who is a millionaire with several high-end properties, didn’t need his two salaries as PM and Killarney MP but many of his ministers and other appointees don’t have the same luxury.

In his arrogance, Minnis took a huge gamble calling an election on September 16th instead of waiting until his five-year term ended in May 2022.

After running a smear campaign against PLP leader Philip Brave Davis, Minnis thought for certain the FNM would be re-elected.

However, voters couldn’t wait to get rid of him and his arrogant ministers, who lost their seats in the House of Assembly.

While some of them, like fellow millionaire and former Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar had business empires waiting on them, others are on the unemployment line or had to take a huge salary cut just to pay the bills.

In their anger, they have abandoned Minnis, who is still desperate for the limelight despite being replaced as FNM leader.

Minnis, who once held barely concealed contempt for the media, is now calling reporters and begging them to interview him on national issues.

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Eleanor Forbes
Dec 10, 2021

It's a shame

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