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Customs Officer denies firearm charge

A Customs Officer, who was arrested Saturday night on a gun charge, has been freed on $10,000 bail.

Marco Smith Jr., 30, was granted emergency bail in the Supreme Court shortly after he pleaded not guilty to possession of a .45 pistol at his arraignment before the deputy chief magistrate.

Police did not find the firearm on Smith. Police said they were patrolling on St Vincent Road around 11pm when they heard a gunshot. A short time later, the officers reported seeing Smith’s car leaving Munnings Drive.

Prosecutors allege that police saw Smith throw an object into bushes. The officers detained Smith and allegedly found the firearm while searching the bushes.

Smith’s trial is set to begin on March 18, 2021. He has been suspended from his duty and placed on half-pay pending the conclusion of the case.

Bjorn Ferguson represents Smith

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