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COVID Centre patients “living like cats and dogs”

Covid-19 patients on New Providence are being treated in horrid conditions, according to one patient experiencing severe symptoms.

A video recorded by a covid patient, airlifted to New Providence, shows patients in hospital beds in an isolation unit.

The patient complained that the unit, which appears to be a tent, is collapsing around him but there is no one to assist him.

“We’re living like cats and dogs. Covid Centre collapsing on us and no one around,” said the patient who claimed he called 919 for help but was told to call the hospital.

The inside of the isolation unit was so dark he had to use his cellphone light.

A staff shortage and rising COVID-19 hospitalisations have placed a strain on public healthcare workers.

The Ministry of Health reported 74 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

41 covid patients are in hospital. 19 of them are being monitored at Princess Margaret Hospital.

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