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Court returns $15k to white convict who remains free while awaiting jail sentence

A white man remains free, despite the Court of Appeal ruling that he should have been sent to prison for firearms and drugs crimes.

Abaco farmer Pericles Maillis was fined just $15,500 last year after he admitted to illegally possessing four firearms and growing 75 ganja plants.

The Court of Appeal today allowed an appeal against the ridiculous sentence.

Maillis will be refunded his fine money, as he waits for Magistrate Ancella Evans to determine how long he should spend in prison.

But the Court did not order Mallis’ remand to prison, pending sentencing.

So there is nothing to prevent the 68-year-old from fleeing the country before this happens.

The case sparked outrage on social media about white privilege in the justice system, as poor, young black men are sent to jail for selling coconuts to help their families.

While on patrol, Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) officers stumbled upon a raised bed with ganja plants, ranging from several inches to four feet.

They contacted police who searched Maillis’ home and found four unlicensed firearms— two rifles, a shotgun and a .38 revolver—in addition to over 100 rounds of ammunition. The weapons with the exception of shotgun were all antiques. Maillis said he had the shotgun for his protection and that he drank marijuana tea to help him deal with stress.

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