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Court dismisses Gibson second appeal; trial to start Monday

The corruption trial of Long Island MP Adrian Gibson is scheduled to begin before Supreme Court Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson on Monday after the courts dismissed his appeal.

Gibson’s attorney Murrio Ducille filed a second constitutional motion in a desperate bid to have his high-profile client’s case dismissed. However, the court ruled that the case should proceed.

The motion stated that Gibson’s constitutional right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial court had been violated.

In addition to this, his attorney also asserted that the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to hear the offences for which they are charged as there was a failure to put the right of election to them in the Magistrates Court or at all.

In dismissing the appeal, the court concluded, “ the Court notes the Applicants had many opportunities to object to the offences they have been charged with, however the Applicants elected to bring their application once again on the eve of the commencement of the trial.”

“However, despite the further delay this Court has in no way penalized the Applicants for their actions. It is understandable for those individuals charged with serious offences for which there can be severe penalties, that they will exercise and exhaust every avenue available to them.”

“The Court has heard and carefully examined the arguments made by both parties, this Honourable Court is of the view that the aforementioned offences for which these Applicants are charged are rightfully before this Court and thus triable.”

The appeal was filed on behalf of Gibson and two of his co-defendants; Joan Knowles and Jerome Missick.

Last summer, Gibson was charged with receiving $1.1 million from contracts awarded by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) while he served as its executive chairman under the former administration.

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