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Con man pardoned by FNM gets 4 years in jail

A notorious con man who was pardoned by the FNM government has been jailed for four years.

Slippery Shane Mackey fooled officials into believing he was a changed man, in the same manner the FNM fooled Bahamians into believing it was the people’s time.

But Mackey, who’s been scamming people for over 20 years, returned to his old tricks shortly after he was released on March 5.

During August and September, Mackey, 40, placed ads for nonexistent cars and boats on Facebook Marketplace and conned six people out of $32,400.

When people replied to the ad, he told them the item had already been sold, but they could make a down payment on a similar item.

Mackey then instructed his victims to transfer the money to his friends’ bank accounts and they gave him the money.

The victims never got the merchandise and Mackey refused to refund them.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly has ordered Mackey to repay the money within 60 days of his release from prison.

Failure to do so, will result in one year in prison.

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