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Chaos at Bank of the Bahamas in Eleuthera

Bank of the Bahamas in Rock Sound, Eleuthera is under extreme pressure as long lines of customers were wrapped around the bank three days in a row last week due to poor management.

Eleutherans were advised that no tellers were on the job the entire week. It appears that of the three tellers hired at the branch, one was fired, one went on vacation and the third called out sick, throwing the bank into chaos as the Manager and Supervisor had to operate the bank alone.

In addition to the delayed service and long lines, customers were turned away by the security guard an hour before the bank’s scheduled closing time.

To make matters worse, the ATM ran out of cash twice in one day and for the entire Friday, forcing customers to drive to Governors Harbour to use the ATMs at RBC and FCIB.

Businesses, pensioners and government employees were all disgusted with the service at BOB especially those who traveled from North Eleuthera to conduct their business transactions.

On an average day the service is slow and poor, but this past week it has been insufferable.

Eleutherans are calling on officials at BOB to look closely at the bank’s operations and make the necessary changes to improve services at the Rock Sound Branch.

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