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Cabinet minister’s husband filing for divorce

The husband of novice Minister of Disaster Preparedness Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe is reportedly planning to file for divorce amid rumors the former journalist has sparked an inappropriate relationship with a fellow Free National Movement (FNM) member of parliament.

Sources tell us Parker-Edgecombe has gotten rather cosy with North Andros and the Berry Islands MP Carlton Bowleg.

The West End and Bimini MP was also reportedly romantically linked to one of her constituents in Bimini, who eventually moved and took up with a nurse.

Rumors reportedly reached the MP’s husband who now wants out of their marriage.

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David Williams
David Williams
Mar 25


Aug 22, 2021

That's no surprise that husband started that cheating game I most believe he got jealous of hér achievement and she was always the clown with tracks of tears I good luck to both whatever they choose to

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