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Cabbage beach vendors locked out

Cabbage Beach vendors went ham on a fence that was locked overnight to prevent them from accessing the beach.

Vendors showed up to work on Wednesday morning to discover that the gate had been locked and their stalls and equipment had been tossed from the beach and onto the pavement, preventing them from making an honest living.

Signs inside the gate read "Caution: Heavy equipment in use" and "Notice Private Property". Vendors were told that a white man responsible for locking the gates left his contact information for anyone seeking clarification. When the vendors called the man, he bluntly informed them that the gate was locked to prevent Bahamian workers from trespassing on private property.

Construction vehicles were seen on the property clearing down trees and bushes. Angry vendors are trying to figure out what the private property has to do with them accessing the beach to sell their wares to tourists after the pandemic put a stop to their businesses for over a year.

Vendors called on Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to come to their rescue after he sided with vendors who broke down a fence on Paradise Island in 2016 while Minnis was the opposition leader and trying to be elected to office.

"Minnis, you like to pull down gate. You should bring your ass over here," said one vendor, adding "The Bahamian people waiting on you."

In March 2016, the Free National Movement led a group from Sidney Poitier Bridge to Cabbage Beach, where the angry mob clashed with police and tore down the fence erected to block one of two access points to the popular beach.

At the time, Minnis said the demonstration was a sure sign that Bahamians were tired of the Christie Administration.

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