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Bridge Authority Deputy sells $128K govt truck to Chairman for $7K

Outgoing Chairman of the Bridge Authority Greg Bonaby used his senior position to order a truck, valued at $128,000, on the company’s dime then sell it to himself for a meager $7,000.

Bonaby, who was appointed under the Minnis Administration, convinced his Deputy Chairman Brad McPhee to sign off on the sale of the Bridge Authority’s truck to him in April 2020.

He figured he could get away with it as he is a childhood friend of then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In turn, the Bridge Authority chairman then signed off on the sale of another company vehicle, valued at $58,000, to

Deputy Chairman McPhee for $4,000 in June.

The vehicles were purchased by the Bridge Authority last year, raising questions about whether the Chairman ordered the two trucks on the Bridge Authority’s dime with the intent of then purchasing them from the government entity at a significantly lower price.

This clear conflict of interest didn’t come to light until after the FNM government was voted out of office in September.

Employees are now calling on police to investigate this serious matter.

Bonaby’s questionable conduct and wasteful spending have been exposed in the past but Desmond Bannister, who had ministerial responsibility for the Bridge Authority refused to act on complaints due to Bonaby’s political connections.

Even after being exposed, Bonaby has asked the new Minister Alfred Sears to keep him on as a paid consultant for the Bridge Authority.

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