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BPL sends “faulty” generator to Mayaguana

Mayaguana was plunged into darkness on Saturday night after a generator, recently installed by Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), malfunctioned.

Heated residents have been advised that the generator cannot be repaired on-site and a replacement generator would have to be transported to Mayaguana.

The utility company was not able to tell them when the new generator would arrive on the southern island.

Residents had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new generator that they hoped would ensure a stable power supply for their community. The island had been experiencing frequent power outages, and the residents were growing tired of the inconvenience it caused in their daily lives.

When BPL promised to resolve the issue by installing a new generator, they did not anticipate they would face another islandwide outage so soon.

However, around 10pm, the generator malfunctioned and the island was once again without electricity.

Angry residents said they were expecting a solution to their power issues, but instead, they are left in a state of uncertainty.

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May 29

It's disappointing to hear about BPL sending a faulty generator to Mayaguana. They need to step up their game, just like I need to find someone reliable to do my assignment.


louis arthur
louis arthur
Feb 15

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Feb 03

Yes, it is rather depressing to learn that BPL sent a malfunctioning generator to Mayaguana. How such important equipment may be compromised is concerning, particularly in an area that depends so largely on a steady supply of electricity. This is unacceptable for the inhabitants, and it calls into question the efficacy of the quality control procedures in place. To safeguard the welfare of the people they serve, utility companies must place a high priority on the dependability of their equipment. I hope that quick action will be done to correct this and stop similar instances from happening in the future. Dissertation Discussion Writing Help Uk frequently explore public service and infrastructure-related subjects, therefore this occurrence may be of relevance for…

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