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Big Row In The Senate

Updated: May 30, 2020

What gone down in the Senate?

Attorney General Carl Bethel and Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell were shouting at each other across the table after Mitchell raise hell over the decision to cancel the Labour Day March. The annual event, held to celebrate workers across the country, draws thousands who come out to march in solidarity with trade union leaders and their members. Well, Mitchell was mad government cancelled the march due to the coronavirus.

“The fifth of June is Labour Day and I celebrate Labour Day, “ said Mitchell. After that, all hell broke loose!

“The member opposite made a suggestion that the government is just, all of its own because someone whispered in the King’s ear. Let's take the analogy. That is your suggestion that the government acted on its own to cancel the Labour Day march,” said Bethel.

A letter from the Commissioner of Police to Trade Union Congress President Obie Ferguson suggests it was the government that canceled the march.

The letter reads: “Please be advised that due to the Pandemic of Covid19, your request to participate in the upcoming Labour Day Motorcade scheduled for Friday, 5 June, 2020 has not been approve.”

We smell a rat! Anyway, back to the Senate.

Bethel accused Mitchell of disrespecting FNM Senator Jamal Moss who suggested there was a joint decision between the government and unions to cancel the parade over Covid-19 concerns.

“When Senator Moss answered him with the facts, he then offensively just now accused Senator Moss of trying to shut him down merely by giving him the facts. Take the facts, go on with your speech, and any time you come with a misstatement you will be corrected,” said Bethel.

Well, ya know Mitchell don’t take last.

He told Bethel, “Look here! The day I take a lecture from you is the day pigs get wings.”

Bethel responded, “They must be flying now.”

Mitchell answered back, “No, they crashed in the ground!”

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