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Bakers Bay building without Ministry of Works approval

Bakers Bay Golf and Ocean Club, on Guana Cay, could find itself in hot water with the new Davis Administration following allegations that the luxury development failed to get Works approval during certain stages of construction.

The green light from the government ministry is key to ensuring the Abaco project meets building codes.

However, sources on the construction site allege Bakers Bay has no one from the Ministry of Works approving construction stages.

The developer is no stranger to controversy. Last year, the Guana Cay-based project was criticized for bringing in 135 Mexicans to assist with Hurricane Dorian recovery and reconstruction.

The decision led many to question why Bakers Bay would hire foreigners at a time when Abaco residents remained jobless in the aftermath of the catastrophic storm.

It was later revealed that Baker’s Bay had actually requested 500 work permits but only received approval to bring in 135 foreign laborers.

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