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Bahamasair leases Boeing 737 aircraft for millions

Bahamasair has leased a Boeing 737-700 aircraft which landed in The Bahamas last week. It comes as the flailing airline missed payroll for its nearly 600 employees.

The broke airline shelled out millions of dollars for the lease agreement, according to insiders.

The Ministry of Finance granted the national flag carrier approval for the "temporary importation" of the aircraft leased from Wilmington Trust SP Service (Dublin) Limited.

The aircraft, serial number 30676, will be used by Bahamasair and will have Bahamian registration C6-BFY. It arrived in The Bahamas on October 9, 2020.

"Approval is granted under the provisions of Section 186 of the Customs Management Act and Regulations 86(i) and 94 (2) (b)" according to Whitney Kenny who penned a letter to Bahamasair Managing Director Tracy Cooper on behalf of Acting Financial Secretary Marlon Johnson.

"At the conclusion of the lease agreement the aircraft should exit the country," Kenny wrote.

Last week, Chairman Tommy Turnquest admitted the airline can barely afford to purchase fuel and added it is up to the government to pay employees because Bahamasair can't afford to pay them.

“Things are very bad. We are down to a few flights per day. We’re not making any money," Turnquest said.

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