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Adrian Gibson instructs police to arrest popular DJ

A popular DJ was arrested by three police officers on Monday after embattled Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson filed a police complaint and said he was in fear for his life.

Officers were instructed to pick up “DJ Reds” after Gibson accused the popular DJ of encouraging his many followers to “attack him.”

Barrington Carter spent just over an hour in police custody before being released without charges.

He was released on the condition that he avoids Gibson at all costs and refrains from approaching the Long Island MP if they ever cross paths.

However, Carter alleges it was Gibson who approached him through one of his campaign generals and asked him to decline any offers from the opposing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to DJ at the party’s political events. He also alleges that he was offered money to distribute to his followers on Long Island to ensure the FNM stronghold stays red.

Gibson faces a political firestorm after leaked Water and Sewerage documents revealed that the corrupt chairman awarded six-figure contracts to his fiancée Alexandria Mackey, first cousin Rashae Gibson and campaign general Joann Knowles.

The women, who have zero experience, received contracts for yard cleaning and ground maintenance as well as to paint the water storage tank on Blue Hill.

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