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Adrian Gibson faces pressure to quit House seat amid WSC probe

Embattled Long Island Member of Parliament Adrian Gibson is facing pressure from some factions of the Free National Movement (FNM) to resign from the House of Assembly as the Davis Administration ramps up its investigation into Gibson’s tenure as Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC).

FNM insiders fear that revelations about blatant conflicts of interest and the mismanagement of WSC’s money under Gibson could further tarnish the image of the FNM as it tries to rebuild in the wake of its embarrassing defeat in the September 2022 General Election.

Then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis arrogantly stood by Gibson as he expected the allegations of impropriety would eventually go away.

However, now that a new government is looking into alleged irregularities with the initiation, management and payment process of the projects, Minnis is distancing himself from the debacle.

A probe launched by WSC’s Internal Compliance Unit revealed an “apparent conflict of interest, lack of due diligence and poor professional judgment” in the management of WSC’s affairs.

“Evidence persuaded the auditors that there were high-level corrupt transactions that caused significant financial losses to the corporation”, according to the report.

In August 2021, the Gallery broke the story that Gibson awarded lucrative WSC contracts to his then-fiancée Alexandra Mackey, whom he shared a bank account with.

Leaked documents showed that WSC contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Elite Maintenance, which listed Mackey and Gibson’s first cousin as directors.

In 2021, Mackey’s name appeared in a police report filed in an unrelated matter by Gibson who told officers that he and Mackey opened a joint account at Royal Bank of Canada’s Cable Beach location.

Other leaked documents also revealed that Gibson’s campaign general in Long Island also benefited from fat WSC contracts.

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