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Adrian Gibson: Don’t seat me in prisoner’s dock

FNM MP Adrian Gibson objected to sitting in the prisoner’s dock at his appearance before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson.

Gibson did not think that he should sit in the dock, which is customary for all defendants in criminal trials, whether they are in custody or on bail.

Gibson, Joann Knowles, Jerome Missick, and Rashae Gibson sat in the dock, which can only seat four people. The remaining defendants, Elwood Donaldson and Peaches Farquharson, sat in chairs next to the dock.

Meanwhile, Gibson’s lawyer, Murrio Ducille KC has asked Grant-Thompson to step down from the case because her husband, who died 22 years ago, was once a PLP Cabinet Minister. Grant-Thompson will give her decision on Thursday.

Ducille represents Gibson, Missick and Knowles. Donald Saunders, Raphael Moxey and Brian Dorsette, the attorneys for Donaldson, Farquharson and Rashae Gibson, did not join him in the recusal application.

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