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Adrian Gibson campaign general awarded WSC contracts

Water and Sewerage Chairman Adrian Gibson’s campaign general Joann Knowles has been identified as the director of Baha Maintenance and Restoration, one of two companies that split a WSC contract with Gibson’s then fiancée Alexandria Mackey.

Knowles signed a $248,000 contract with WSC on November 18, 2020 for the painting of WSC’s head office on University Drive and Sommerset House as director of Baha Maintenance. On Friday, Knowles also signed Adrian Gibson’s nomination papers as one of five witnesses a political candidate is required to have on Nomination Day.

In June 2020, Knowles also signed a contract with Water and Sewerage to paint the corporation’s five million gallon steel water storage tank at Blue Hill for the outrageous amount of $263,200.

Both documents were signed by Knowles and WSC General Manager Elwood Donaldson, who admitted that Knowles’ company split the water storage tank contract with Elite Maintenance, which lists Gibson’s fiancée Alexandria Mackey and first cousin Rashae Gibson as directors.

Gibson is said to have concocted a deal that enabled his fiancée, his first cousin and his campaign general to benefit from contracted work none of those women were qualified to carry out.

WSC insiders also claim Gibson manipulated the bidding process to increase the chances of contracts being awarded to companies he was associated with.

In a pathetic excuse of a statement, Gibson couldn’t bring himself to type Alexandria Mackey’s name, repeatedly referring to his fiancée as “the attorney” and “she”. However, at no point did he ever deny that he had a relationship with the woman who signed on behalf of Elite Maintenance.

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