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Adrian Gibson a no-show in court

Scandal ridden FNM MP Adrian Gibson has once again failed to show up to testify against a contractor.

Gibson used his political influence to have Gregory Miller charged with intentional libel and attempted intentional libel.

Miller, the owner of Apex Construction, is accused of transferring $200 to Gibson’s bank account in an attempt to defame him. Inquiring minds would like to know how Miller got his banking information.

Gibson also claimed that Miller made defamatory remarks about him on a TV show.

But since the case was filed last year, Gibson has yet to show up to court.

Desmond Bannister, another scandal ridden FNM, is a witness in the case.

The prosecution has a final chance to present its case against Miller or the case will be thrown out.

The complaint is a page out of the FNM playbook where the party uses the police force to silence critics.

Both Bannister and Gibson are accused of abusing their positions to enrich friends, family and lovers.

Bannister’s brother got a contract worth almost a million dollars from the Ministry of Works to build sidewalks.

A company, partly owned by Gibson’s former fiancée Alexandria Mackey, was paid big bucks to carry out maintenance for the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

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