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30,000 gallons of oil spilled in Exuma waters

Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper advised today that 30,000 gallons of oil spilled in Exuma waters between yesterday and this morning.

He said mitigation efforts have commenced.

“My information is that sometime last night between 5 p.m. and 4 a.m. a vessel, The Arabian, contracted for Sun Oil was offloading fuel to BPL in the area of the Old Navy Base, in George Town, and this morning it was confirmed that there was a significant spill to the tune of 30,000 gallons," Cooper said in The House of Assembly.

“We are advised at the moment that the oil is contained in the bay the area of the Exuma Sailing Club.

“I’ve spoken to the relevant ministers… and I am… advised that all of the agencies of government are deployed to mitigate the matter.”

He said he also spoke with executives of Sun Oil, who are cooperating.

He assured that the government is working to “ensure that the matter is mitigated at best as possible in the shortest possible time.”

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